Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blustery Day

Pretty Fun has been out to the Sanford Farmers Market the past two Saturdays. This past Saturday was really windy and it would just whip up something fierce every few minutes. So I knew I was not going to set up my wobbly tent which was okay because it hasn't been too hot and being in the sun actually felt wonderful. But I did know that I had about a hundred little packaged items that I would need to be chasing all over the place if I didn't set up my booth just right. So, to the rescue!! A hundred clothspins I had bought at the dollar store a while back and I keep with my craft booth stuff. It worked out awesome and there were only a couple of times that I had to chase a rogue Ribbon Bracelet that wiggled its way out of a clothespin. Yea, I am pretty much the McGyver of craft booth setting up. And I am so glad I did not set up my tent as I saw a few, higher quality tents go air born. One large one that flew into a tree and ripped. Yikes!
I should be out at Sanford Market again next Saturday, weather permitting. It's a cute market in Historic Downtown Sanford. It runs form 9a-2pm. Lots of food and crafts.

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