Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Washington Oaks Garden State Park

I have been searching for tidal pools in Florida. After a long search on the internet I am starting to suspect there aren't any which is crazy. There has to be some! But in my travels through the world wide web, I stumbled on Washington Oaks Gardens Sate Park. While we didn't find any tide pool, we did find a beautiful garden with Spanish Moss covered trees and a beautiful beach view with interesting rock formations.

Washington Oaks Gardens is just a bit south of St. Augustine. We walked through the gardens for a little bit but were more interested in checking out the beach side. Across the street is the beach where there are beautiful coquina rock formation. The beach is made up of beautiful crushed orange shells. Pelicans and sea gulls flewback and forth over the stretch of beach. A very beautiful park.

One of My Favorite Things

I of my favorite things about moving to Central Florida is the Spanish Moss covered trees. That's all for this blog.