Friday, June 26, 2009

Clean Workspace!

Finally straightened up my sewing room! It was a disaster. We had so many visitors in the past couple of months and "cleaning" started turing into "shove everything in the closet" But now it is tidied up again. Everything (or most everything) is in it's assigned drawer where I can find it. I love, love, love to see other crafters workspace so I posted some pictures of mine in trade of pictures of others. We shall see! here are some other artist's workspaces I have come across in other blogs:

1 year anniversary!

Dave and I just passed our one year anniversay of living in Florida. I still can't believe we are here and cannot believe it has been a year already. It was kind of bumpy begining but we are really starting to settle in. I do get homesick for a few things; free museums, the smaller town feel of Kirkwood, hills and trees... But they have been replaced by other things that I would miss if we ever left here; palm trees, the ocean, colorful houses, seashells, Disneyworld...My all time favorite thing that I absolutely love and in awe of everday here in florida is the clouds, especially at sunset. Almost every day there is a spectacular display worthy of a standing ovation. Words cannot even describe what it's like to stand under these formations. Pictures barely give them any kind of justice. So if you are ever in central Florida, don't forget to look up.