Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Strangefolk 2009

Strangefolk Festival was a huge success! It was my third year in a row and hopefully that is just the start of many Strangefolks for me. I always have so much fun and meet the nicest artists. On Saturday I did have to shut down for about an hour because fo the rain. But it gave me the perfect opportunity to visit and shop! I stopped by to see Ginger ofBeyond Design and swapped some of my ribbon bracelets for some of her necklaces. She was my neighbor during my first year and has the cutest jewelry and cards. She specializes in awesome in custom invitations that are super creative and fun.
I also saw Denise who created First Born Studios. She had adorable pom poms and she is the queen of cute garland. Visiting her booth is always a super treat because she puts together paper, felt and fabric in ways that are so fun and cheerful. Her blog is always place to visit with a cup of coffee.
So next September, if you are in the St. Louis metro East are, come by and see all of these great artists!

Friday, October 2, 2009

New Purse Style!

I am so excited about this new purse style! It is very roomy, about 17" wide 13" high with a pocket on the inside. I love being able to put together three different fabric patterns and colors to give it a patchy feel. Plus, I am so in love the pleats! Too cute! (If my Mom could see me now getting excited about pleats. I am sure she is laughing at me.) And I am going to start using my old t-shirts to make this style of bag. I know it will turn out awesome and I will be able to use up my growing collection of t-shirts I just can't bring myself to throw away. Thanks for looking!