Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thirft store super find!

There is a thrift store down the street form us that I pop in every once in a while. They give away day old bread from the local grocery store. I like to pick up a loaf or two and since it is free I always like to buy something so I don't feel like I am completely mooching. Well, the last time I went I scored this awesome find. A handmade Scotty Dog baby blanket!!! For $1!!! You can see the hand stitching and the little patches of vintage fabric are so adorable! I could not believe it. They also had this super sweet step stool that flips into a little seat. Just too cute!

Replanting Succulents

So I think I am going to just stick with succulents as houseplants. While I usually mange to kill everything else, this little bad boy has been super resilient. I have had it for years now and at one point he was completely ignored on the back porch in a broken pot. But he managed to not only stay alive but just grow and grow from one little bloom to sprout off four or five other clusters. Now I have started to repot the other clusters. Keep your fingers crossed that his brothers and sisters survive in their own little pots.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

(Kinda)New Kitchen Table Area

I have really been inspired to make little changes around the house lately. After first moving in almost two years ago and all of the painting and cleaning we did and then having a baby, I was kind of over doing anything for the house. But now it feels like we should really be making it our home. I have been finding some cute fun ways to really make it our style.
In the kitchen, I had this fabirc that I had bought forever ago not really knowing what to do with it. The print looks like vintage hankies and the "valance"is made of actual vintage hankies. We turned the table around to bump it right underneath the window and now we have a retro looking diner thing going on. I love it becasue with the new curtains, so much light comes through the window and we get a perfect view of the Florida clouds while keeping our privacy.