Saturday, September 15, 2007

First Day of Babysitting

I have the awesome task of babysitting my nephew, Ethan, every Wednesday from now until the end of October (at least). Last Wednesday was my first day and it was so beautiful that I wnated to take him to the zoo. The day started off with me picking him up from his mom's work. There was a brief moment when he was in his car seat and he realized mom was not going with us and his bottom lip curled up and tears started rolling down his face. No screaming, no sobbing. Just heartbreaking tears falling down his cheeks. Now I don't know about you but I know when I cry like that it's a cry that hurts my heart. Now imagine having that feeling everyday when you are left with a babysitter because you just aren't old enough to realize that it's not forever. Okay, it's going to make me cry just thinking about it.
And it didn't last that long anyway. Mom gave him a bowl full of apples, he was set and we were on our way to the zoo. He even excitedly pointed out every car, truck and tree along the way.
So then we get to the zoo, I successfully open up the stroller and get Ethan loaded in. I push him though the front door and head towards the gate we have to pass through to get in. Holding open the gate is a 3 or 4 year old boy. His mom passes through. I wait for him to let it close but he is still holding it open. We make eye contact and I start to push Ethan through. Just as Ethan's feet are millimeters away BAM!!! the kid throws the gate shut. I couldn't believe it! That little brat was trying to cause bodily harm on my little nephew. I came this close of picking up this demon child and throwing him into the lion's pit. I'm sure mom would not have noticed because she was completely oblivious to what her little tyrant just did.
Okay, deep breath and move on. I find out the children's zoo is free from 9 to 10. Awesome! We go check out the meer kats, bunnies and naked mole rats. At one point, Ethan is running around looking at everything and ends up right behind and adults legs just as he is turning around. Of course he gets bulldozed and knocks his little noggin on the concrete floor. So much for my goal of sending him back home with no scratches or bruises. He cried for a second and then started pointing out the bunnies again.
We cruised around the zoo again. He seemed to like the elephants a lot, yelling and waving his arms during the elephant walk. He also yelled at the giraffes for a while. Then we went to bird cage where I showed him what button to push to open the handicap door. So we ended up doing that for a while.
Luch and naptime passed and then we only had about an hour left before I had to drop him off with dad so we stopped by the Disney store. He threw some balls around and danced to Hannah Montana with Mary and Courtney and then it was already time to go. The day went by so fast but that night I was so exhausted. But it was a good exhausted. I can't wait until next Wednesday

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