Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Nothing too exciting today with babysitting. Since it was kind of a dreary day outside, I took Ethan to the mall to play in the kids area. it was interesting to hang out with all of the moms asking me questions, like how old is he and when did he start to walk. I quickly learned that you answer the age questions in months, year and a half is not a sufficient answer.

Later on, we went to the Botanical Gardens again. We went to feed the Koi. Ethan was doing a good job tossing the food in while sitting at the edge of the pond. That was until the fish fought a little and caused a big splash. He cried and climbed all over me as I tried to stand up and not fall into the water. He was done feeding the Koi.

As we were leaving, he waved at all the people again and offered them the stick he had found.

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