Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A few Random Things

*First off, my Grandad gave me this painting of my mom as a graduation present a few years ago. I found out this past summer the little story about it when my brother, husband and I went to visit Grandad in Oklahoma this past summer. My grandad told me that one of their neighbors in South Dakota painted it. There was supposed to be another painting done when she turned sixteen, but the artist died before then. I think it was a great gift.

*Tomorrow, I am babysitting my nephew Ethan. Yay! It is supposed to be beautiful outside so we will probably go to the zoo. I'm a little nervous, which is funny because I used to babysit all the time when I was like twelve and thirteen. We should have a lot of fun though. Plus, I am goign to be able to babysit him every Wednesday through the end of October.

*Last, I bought a new laptop last night! yay! I reached my goal in sales and went ahead and did it. Plus, I bought a refurbished one and it was already red. So I got a deal and I didn't have to pay for the extra fee for it to be red. And I bought a pink wireless mouse to go with it. Isn't that silly?! I am hoping to get it before the Strangefolk Festival so that I can take debit and credit cards. I can take advantage of impulse buyers or people who ahve just plain run outof cash. Yes!

That's it.

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