Friday, August 10, 2007

You spin me...

A few years ago, my husband gave me a fun red record player for Christmas. I used it a few times but, I'm ashamed to admit it, it mostly just sat there looking cool. I recently have started to listen to it while I have been sewing. Over the years, I have collected records from thrift stores just becasue I thought the covers were neat looking. A lot of times these beauties have been 10 cents up to a dollar. Well, I've broken them out and have started to try them out and I have in a lot of cases, been pleasantly suprised. The Bossa Nova record is described on the back as "the sensuality of Brazilian Jazz." When listening to it, I feel like ishould be sipping on martinis and lounging in a smart party dress. On the "Sing Me a Song of the Islands" record, Alfred Apaka and the Hawaiian Village Serenaders sing us a warning to "Keep Your Eyes on the Hands" when watching the Hula Dancers. Fun. Now I want to start raiding the thrift shops for more hidden, inexpensive treasure.

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Cathy said...

Wow! That's really cool! Love old stuff like that - the record player is great looking :)