Friday, August 17, 2007


Whew! I just dropped off my goods to the Craft Mafia to get ready for CraftaNostra tomorrow. It's been nonstop work the past week to make sure everything was tagged correctly, purses were double checked, new stuff was made, etc,. etc., etc. But all that hard work I think is going to pay off. It looks like it is going be a lot of fun. I saw the rows and rows of goodie bags for customers, the "special" goodie bags for "VIPs" (don't know who they are yet but sounds exciting), saw the other artists stuff that is going to be for sale (can't wait to go shopping myself) and the cafe had the best Turtle Latte over ice I have had in a long time. Yummy!

So please come to the CraftaNostra. I know i t is going to be a lot of fun and you can get delicious coffee. Plus, you can visit super cute and trendy Maplewood. CraftaNostra is at CopperElla located at 2743 SuttonMaplewood, MO 63143.


Nate's Wife said...

Everything looks smashing! Best of luck to you~if I were closer I'd be there, baby!


Nate's Wife said...

Well, I will be so excited for DBTS girl to go to such a good home! She's one of my very favorites. I miss the ocean soooo much! Plus I'm jealous of her cuteness.

Good luck! Get lots and lots of sales!