Sunday, August 19, 2007


Wowweee, wow, wow! CraftaNostra was last night and was it awesome! My husband and I showed up a little after 9 and teh place was PACKED! To the gills. Wall to wall people in the little cafe of CooperEllas. It was so exciting! As I was entering the first room, two girls were each holding one of my purses! I ran into my friend, Donna, who was manning her section of jewelry goodies. ( ) She helped set up my stuff since I had to work at my "real" job until after the start of the show. She excitedly told me my stuff was flying off the shelf! Yay! I couldn't even get to my little section, people were rooting through it. Yay! I was such a dumb, dumb girl and did not take any pictures! I had my camera and everything! In the excitement and chaos, I just wasn't even thinking of it. I took one picture of Ginger's set up ( ) because she asked me to and it's not even a good picture. I didn't even think to take pictures of the crowd, or the room, or even the Arch Rival Roller Girls. Dummy!

So now it's on to prepare for Strangefolk which I know will be just as successful. And tons of fun to see all the indie vendors and I am going to be set up next to Ginger and we have already decided we were going to do some trading. Her jewelry is really beautiful and so unique. Here is a tiny bit of info for Strangefolk: Strange Folk Festival • Saturday, September 22 • 10am - 6pm Community Park in O’Fallon, Illinois

Top picture is Serendipity's goodies and the second picture is of the goodies I came home with: Sugar Skull from and bracelet from

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Ginger said...

The photo is beautiful! I'm just bummed that I had to miss all the excitement. Thanks Sara!