Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Eyeglass Case

I finally went in to get glasses.  I always tell myself I don't need them but this time I could truly see a difference.  And they are super fun!  Next step, search for the perfect super cute case to hold them in.  Well, I couldn't find a fun/cute case to meet my fun/cute standards.  Then I realized, DUH!  I should make one.  So I searched Pinterest to find the cutest case tutorial and found exactly what I was looking for at a blog called sewfantastic (what a so fantastic name!)
The tutorial is so easy to follow.  Mine came out a bit bigger than what I wanted but it was so quick and easy to put together, I can easily make another with a few adjustments on the measurements.  I used an old t-shirt that didn't fit anymore but I liked the design and colors so much I couldn't throw it away.  I used pieces of fabric from my scrap pile which is always a good thing.

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