Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jors and Rust, Jors and Rust (that's in a sing song voice)

Friday night was Russ Olson's book opening for "Jors and Rust" at Off-Broadway. "Jors and Rust" is a comic book full of characters like Jors and Rust and the adventures of Anchors Away. On display were original art panels from the book and the bands Bad Folk and the Monads performed. Good times. The book will be available Tuesday. A couple of places you can find it are Star Clippers and Subterranean Books.
That all sounded formal and nonpersonal, but you must buy it. Trust me.


camille said...

i searched for jors and rust at both the websites listed and nothing came back. are those the only places? i'll keep looking.

Pretty Fun said...

I'll ask Russ. But he said they will probably not get there until Tuesday. There were some shipping issues.