Thursday, September 8, 2011

Millyana's Birthday Extravaganza

What is that saying?..."the best laid plans of mice and men..." Well, that was pretty much what happened with Millyana's birthday Extravaganza. I start really early with the planning and then BLAMO! Life happens. I won't even go into to detail all the crazy things that have happened in the past couple of months but it has truely been a doozy. I joked that Millyana's Birthday was slowly turning into a Birthday Extrav... And on the actual day of the party, setting up the decorations and food table, I felt like I was in one of those reality shows where you have certain amount of time and when they call "time's up!" it's hands off and it is what it is. But it was still perfect and wonderful and so much fun. I still cannot believe she is a year old. Holey mackeral.
Here are a ton of pictures to show how bright and fun her birthday was. I did pretty much all of the baking a decorating and while it did not save on time (or my insanity) it did save on money and I was able to have the exact look I wanted. Enjoy!


My Mid-Afternoon Daydream said...

Hey there :o) What a little cutie you have - happiest 1st birthday to her!!

Here is the response to your question - going to paste from my blog so I can save myself a precious minute and get some design work in before crashing (and being woken up again in an hour...);o)

Here's a copy of the book in new form, on ebay:

And a vintage copy, on ebay:

I didn't have a book, just a clipping from the book my mom used to have. It gave me instant nostalgia to see the bunny cake image so I had to make it :o) Just a note, some kids are really quite picky about coconut. Bird likes coconut and superbly enjoyed her cake but several kids opted out. Maybe because it's not something they eat every day and is just too different. Anyway, have fun baking cakes!

Pretty Fun said...

Thanks again!

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Anonymous said...

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