Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Reason #1 you should go to Strangefolk

MATTY8080 will be there!!! Alright, if you don't know who Matty8080 is, he has awesome prints of animals, people and ZOMBIES! I bought some zombie prints for my brother (which I have told him about but not given them to him until he has an actual house someday.) And for myself, I bought the "Property of...I Am Totally Rad" tiger poster, which I have attached to my sewing machine cover. Very exciting.

So this is reason #1, if you are in the St. Louis, metro East area, you need to go to Strangefolk.


firstborn studio said...

you moved from the midwest?!
it looks like you are in florida...hopefully we will be strange folk neighbors so you can catch me up with what is new with you!
i,too,would be up for an exchange of goods with YOU!

see you very soon!


Estela said...

I wish I was in the STL area!!!
Those zombies are pretty rad!

Natalie said...

YES! I'm obsessed with zombies. In a totally noncreepy, I also like kitties, kind of a way. Glad I found your blog.