Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Anna Maria Island

A couple of weeks ago, Dave and I went to the cutest Gulf Coast beach area, Anna Maria Island off of Tampa. It was so super cute with short little multi-colored houses squished onto this island. I wanted to take pictures but a picture just wasn't going to do this place justice. We went to the beach but it was raining so we just walked up and down the beach. More cute houses crowded the edge of the coast and when we stepped in the shallow water, little bity multi-colored shell fish dug themselves deeper into the sand. That was a little disturbing yet fascinating all at the same time.

We stopped at coffeeshop/cafe/consignment/gift shop. This place had a cafe with smoothies and coffee drinks and pastries baked fresh there. The shop was crammed with antiques, art, gifts and these amazing handmade shell chandeliers. I wanted one so bad but with a hefty pricetag of $400, all I can have is a picture of it. I had a yummy coconut banana smoothie and an apricot scone. Notice the awesome 1930s antique bamboo aquarium behind Dave. I want that too.


camille said...

geez, another gem! i totally wanna go there and i totally want one of the shell chandeliers too.

GreenSpaceGoods said...

Dude, you were at Anna Maria Island?? Ha! My other half's Dad grew up there and we go every year!

Thanks for spreading the bottle cap challenge by the way! We need more entries!

jeaucamom said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!! We have an aquarium exactly like it as well as an octagonal one. We have been trying to find information on them. Do you remember the name of the store you were in? Please let me know if you do. Thanks!!