Thursday, October 4, 2007

Something New!

I made five new necklaces that came out so cute and pretty. I love it when I can imagine something in my head and the actual end product is as good if not better than the idea. Believe me, it does not always end happily ever after. Dave's mom again sent me more buttons which I love and have added to these necklaces. Some are very old, I can tell by the card they were on or just by looking at them. I wish I had a way to tell what year they are from. I just think it would add to the story of the necklace. I am going to try to make some differnt color ones tonight. If I can ever tear myself away from Etsy.


firstborn studio / denise lombardozzi said...

hi sara!
these pendants are just sooo great!
so can work that machine girl!

thanks for saying such sweet things abput my stuff at the was all my pleasure being your neighbor there and seeing all of the amazing things that you create!

i look forward to seeing you at rock paper scissors some time!!!

:) denise

Clariarte - Clarisse Pinheiro said...

Very Beautiful this pendents

Odannysgirl said...

Very pretty pendants! You have a great eye for designing. Can't wait to see more of them :)