Sunday, July 29, 2007


I am a little stressed out. Tomorrow I have a professional photo shoot. Yikes! Something I have never been a part of before. It's for an article that is going to be on the website
And while it is exciting, I am completely freaking out as to what to wear. I know that sounds silly, but it really is stressing me out. Here are the things that keep tripping me up on my decision.
-I can't wear white
-I can't wear black
-I don't know if I should wear jeans. I know it seems like I shouldn't, but I kind of want to portray a "young-hip" company that is casual and could be for anybody.
-I don't want to wear soemthing that is too trendy that by next year would just look silly. (These photos may be used for advertising.)
-I don't want to wear something that is too busy because I will be most likely be modeling purses and I want them to be the focus.
-I want to wear long sleeves. I have hairy arms which I don't care about but again, I don't want it to be distracting in photos.
-For some reason, I cannot find one decent long sleeve shirt right now. I know it is still summer, but I work retail and in retail it's back to school time. There should be long sleeves everywhere.
This all sounds silly but it is what is consuming me this weekend.
Wish me luck.

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Cathy said...

Best of luck!!! How did it all go? You'll have to update us.